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What are Dictatorships


What are Dictatorships


Anointed Dictatorship

(Religious Control)

 The country is built on the supremacy of God.
 Only the Elite can interpret God's law for the people.
 Very easy control the people in the name of God.
 Gain economic and spiritual control.
 It eventually fails if used alone.
 The man's spirit is the hardest thing to control.
 The Elite's control and profit eventually decayed.

Malignant Dictatorship
(Military Control)

 Country forces a seperation of God and state.
 Inalienable rights denied.
 Used brute force, usually military control.
 Built upon the philosophy that might is right and man is supreme.
 God's law denied, forcing the people to live in fear and submission.

Initially very preferable, through confiscation by force.
Creating false promises of security and safety.
This creates an environment of fear and control and drives the spirit to risk life and limb for freedom.

It places a strain on the people's spirit and the profit of the Elite.

Benign Dictatorship
(Economic Control)

 "They" combine both forms of control using a slow, subtle and systematic method.

Creating large sustainable profits and passive control of the people.

Acknowledges the supremacy of God.
Create ignorance and fear by manipulating the words in statutes.
Tell the people.
They have rights and freedoms.
Just don't teach them in the school system.
They're all equal.
Treat some more equal than others.
create a methodical campaign of:
Economic booms and busts.

World and localized wars.

Social benefits and programs.

Control the Education System.

Medical System.

Media System.

Court System.

Resulting over time.

Decay of the family unit and institutions.

Financial dependence and economic servitude.

Ever increasing amount of rules and regulations.

            "All in the name of safety and convience"
                 A quote by: Ben. Franklin
             "Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little tempary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

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