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What do I want?

What do I want?

It's a curious question; at least, for me. I'm not corporate, 'branding' myself, nor am I seeking a job. As far as I see it, I have nothing to lose but much to gain in my personal curiosities. So....what am I doing here? Am I predictor or prey, voyeur or player, convicted, reliable, trustworthy? Am I worthy in any respect for that matter?

More of my life has been a fight just to stand still, but the ground has shifted, yet again. To me (and I expect to most of you) who would like to think solid ground is what we stand on, what truly lies beneath our journey's floor is forever fluid. Tectonic plates that are perpetually forcing us to our knees. We have less control than we'd like to imagine; but I imagine that some of you know that. Being on Bebee has taught me an awful lot.

Let me lay out some simple truths, IMHO:

1. BB (ya LI is LinkedIn) is contrary. Certainly in where I've looked, it has become 'to whom you lay allegiance'.聽

2. I cannot (nor will not) attempt to outsmart the smarts. I don't care for that.

3. There are some magnificent thinkers and writers on here that I have learned so much from; kudos to the 3 J's and one Javier 馃悵 beBee.聽

4. I have never had so many men vent their anger at me. I have also not met so many genuine and compassionate men as here: for their hearts AND minds!

5.聽 I have never had the pleasure to read such a plethora of diverse minds that examine themselves - that a HUGE point!

For me, what I have been granted here involves immersion: I read better from what others do/say; better yet, from what they don't. I expect there a lot of us 'between the lines' readers. It also shuts me up...did I have anything to say?

The competition is fairly fierce and unforgiving; not used to that coming from LI, (caveat: in my capacity, but I use that platform for other things. This is my go-to if I want to grow, experience, love, re-learn. Is the cost worth it? Probably, but I have lots to learn and my hour-glass runneth dry!

Seems to me LI has pulled up its socks...finally. I wouldn't want that at the cost of a more 'conversational' platform as Bebee but, hey, that's business.


Pity. I'm too old and clearly, too young for this :)


Lisa Vanderburg

5 years ago #21

Love beBee Lyon Brave, for it is alive and breathing, even in sorrow or pain or rage! :)

Lyon Brave

5 years ago #20

I am glad to hear you have gotten so much out of bebee

Lisa Vanderburg

5 years ago #19

haha....3 beers and insomnia - works a treat Randall Burns :)

Randall Burns

5 years ago #18

Don't sell yourself short Lisa Vanderburg your buzz is poignant and illustrates the same sentiments that I express, but you present it more succinctly and clearly. I really need to learn how to do that. :-)

Lisa Vanderburg

5 years ago #17

How true, Harvey make me think; I wonder if this lonely wanderings are just as we've always needed. Solitude to ruminate, interaction in kind, space to give the answers we're handed some better questions....hummm!

Lisa Vanderburg

5 years ago #16

I saw, Randall Burns on your aromatic and delicious new buzz! Thank you - I certainly don't deserve to be counted as yet, but I will try:)

Pascal Derrien

5 years ago #15

Its not always is about what we want but more likely about what we can.... :-)

Harvey Lloyd

5 years ago #14

Your thoughts really help digest some reasons for social media. It is an immersion, a thought process whereby you can see how others explore answering their own questions. A diversity of understanding if you will. For me it is cultural. The media tends to paint pictures of the 20% that culturally give us opinions. Beebe has blown this opinion making process out of the water. Having met and discussed various topics across so many borders i realize that we all really want the same thing. To truly understand that we individually are not insane. My sanity is intact because of reading posts like yours as you explore life's journey. Ironically we are all joined, maybe not in the answer, but rather by the questions we ask.

Lisa Vanderburg

5 years ago #13

Most grateful for the shares Lisa \ud83d\udc1d Gallagher! Didn't actually expect anything really - wanted to try a note-to-self quick-jot, rather than a clever, smooth and polished piece. Re-reading it, I'm happily cringing!

Randall Burns

5 years ago #12

You're already mentioned in it along with the link to this post. :-) Lisa Vanderburg

Lisa Vanderburg

5 years ago #11

Sweet Proma \ud83d\udc1d Nautiyal, you bring cool water to a steamed-up, cranky buffalo :) I thank you for your kindness! You're right, Bebee is like family - warts and all. In this place we laugh, groan, sigh, cringe; but in joy, love and delight...sounds like family!

Lisa Vanderburg

5 years ago #10

haha....Franci\ud83d\udc1dEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador! Right there with you - face set in perpetual perplexity :)

Lisa Vanderburg

5 years ago #9

Thanks to all who commented, shared and liked! I'd respond to y'all, but that would give me more comments to my own bleedin' buzz :) So to Javier \ud83d\udc1d beBee for your gentle civility and beautiful works! Thanks Randell#4..look forward to it, can you tag me?

Lisa Gallagher

5 years ago #8

Lisa Vanderburg, well said! Like you, I'm not on here to promote myself. I love to read, interact and write when it comes to me. I don't have 'writers flair,' so stories do not come to me on a daily or even weekly basis. I'm much more comfortable on beBee. I wrote a blog on Linkedin about 3-4 weeks ago for 'old times sake,' and curiosity. The interaction was small and I didn't get the same warm and fuzzy feelings I used to on LI. I'm not slamming LI, it's just not for me anymore, even though I will check in once a week or sometimes more just to promote others if they tag me or I see something interesting. beBee is like family. I'm happy I've met so many authentic people on here.

Ali Anani

5 years ago #7

hi . You are truly a gentleman

Proma Nautiyal

5 years ago #6

Lisa Vanderburg, you are a fighter and a winner. I had read the post you had published on LI and trust me, you inspired me to go beyond what life has given us and make the most of it, anyway. I agree with your points about beBee. It seems more like a growing family to me rather than a social media /networking platform. When I am away from it for sometime, I miss it. Not because I am addicted to it, but because I feel like I am missing out on a wealth of reading, learning, and knowing others. I am on LI, too, for networking purposes, but beBee has become my go-to nook, warm and cozy, perfect with a cup of tea. P.S. Your hour-glass is perfectly fine. :-)

Debasish Majumder

5 years ago #5

lovely insight Lisa Vanderburg! enjoyed read. thank you for the share.
Well said Lisa Vanderburg, and #5 is the ultimate statement and one I will remember. I love your last statement, as well. "Pity. I'm too old and clearly, too young for this :)". Yep, me too.

Randall Burns

5 years ago #3

Great post and sentiments Lisa Vanderburg, agree with your observation of, "I have never had the pleasure to read such a plethora of diverse minds that examine themselves - that a HUGE point!" And " This is my go-to if I want to grow, experience, love, re-learn", that's great! Funny as I'm putting the finishing touches on a Buzz right now with a similar message regarding beBee, it will be out in a couple of days, you may appreciate it...

Javier 馃悵 CR

5 years ago #2

Thanks Lisa Vanderburg. I learn from you daily.

Ali Anani

5 years ago #1

Amazing you are dear Lisa Vanderburg. You wrote "what truly lies beneath our journey's floor is forever fluid". I share same opinion and I recall I wrote recently "we stand on sinking sand". The floor is not only fluid for me, but I find myself trying hard to keep my balance while avoiding sinking. You are on the borderline my friend because this is the edge of creativity. Your creative writing is the proof. By the way I only figured onr J and that is of Javier \ud83d\udc1d beBee. I still have to guess the other lucky two.

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