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Why We're Doing Business Just Before Halloween

Why We're Doing Business Just Before HalloweenChatty Women: A Unique Business & Social

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People especially business owners tend to be a cynical lot - nothing goes for nothing.  I remember as part of the support I provide through @Enterprising Female, signposting a lady business owner, to where she could get further help with her fledgling business free.  Her answer why?, why would they do that, Funmi?  I went on to explain about funding. 

There was even a business owner that poked suspicion, about the entire concept of Enterprising Female and its entirely altruistic agenda, to help women thrive.  She said something along the lines you can say its about supporting women businesses but we all really just want to promote our own businesses.  Wrong.  

Enterprising Female is entirely about women equality through business promotion & growth.  A not - for- profit, social enterprise, from which I earn nothing, just enough of a charge, to cover expenses.  Low, low prices, plenty of flexibility & in -built business advice, from my management consulting & business advice, experience spanning 19 years.  

Our Next event is 27th October at W2 London.  If you're a small business owner join us, take advantage of our tiny priced stalls & other business growth options, for humongous returns.  Be less of a cynic, there are genuine people out there.  If it helps, though, I wear another hat to earn my living.  


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