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Toft Hill, Etherley, Durham

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About me:

I am a hardworking and highly motivated seventeen-year-old male student currently studying at St John’s School and Sixth Form College in Bishop Auckland.  

Outside of my education, I have a number of interests which include; sports and fitness (both volunteering and participating), travel, and caring for exotic animals.

I am a keen rugby player and Captain of my local Under 18’s team at Bishop Auckland Rugby Union Football Club.  Rugby has taught me the importance of working together, discipline, and respect, qualities which I instill in my team. It has also allowed me to develop my leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills, both on and off the pitch. 

I am a level two qualified rugby referee and have officiated over a number of games up to and including Under 14’s. This has enabled me to develop my confidence, decision-making, and conflict management skills. As a volunteer referee I am required to manage the game, the players, and on occasion the parents. I aim to be fair, developmental and inclusive, by not only applying the laws of the game but also explaining the rationale for my decisions in order that players can learn and improve. I have received positive feedback on several occasions regarding the standard of my performance as a referee. 

Along with refereeing, I also assist in coaching an Age Grade team at my club. This has allowed me to not only develop the younger players’ skills (by working with them in both a one to one and group sessions) but also my own planning, interpersonal, and coaching skills (when devising and delivering exercises to improve the teams' skillsets, knowledge and performance). 

I am a member of the local golf club and regularly play with members of my friendship group to relax.

I enjoy a challenge and have been successful in achieving both my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver Awards.

I have an interest in the natural world, particularly, the many animal and plant species of the planet. I have further developed this interest by keeping several exotic animal species. Each has their own special needs which I have fully researched in order to ensure they receive the correct level of care. I have designed and built ideal habitats according to the species and ensured their dietary and nutritional requirements are met. 

I have also been fortunate enough to have travelled to various countries across the world. This has allowed me to not only appreciate the biodiversity and geology of the different continents but also to experience and embrace the different cultures. 

Given my experiences to date, I have formed a strong interest in the scientific world and this is the area I wish to continue to focus on in my future career.  


I attended St John’s School and Sixth Form for five years from 2015- 2020, during this time I was successful in gaining 10 GCSE’s, namely;

  • Biology - Grade 9
  • History - Grade 9
  • Product Design - Grade 8
  • -English Language - Grade 8
  • -English Literature - Grade 8
  • Mathematics - Grade 7
  • Physics - Grade 7
  • Chemistry - Grade 7
  • Geography - Grade 7
  • Religious Education - Grade 7

I am currently in my final year of study for my A-Levels, which are Geography, Biology, Chemistry, and also an Extended Project Qualification documenting the effects of human activity on climate change.


I am interested in both animal welfare and biology and have completed a period of work experience at Wilson Veterinary Group in Bishop Auckland. During my time there I gained a great insight into the daily operation of a veterinary practice. I was given a number of general tasks to complete which included the maintenance of a suitable clinical environment in order for the practice to run effectively. I was also fortunate to be able to observe multiple surgeries as well as other common veterinary practices which helped improve knowledge of anatomy and clinical procedures.  I received very positive feedback regarding my performance during my work experience, with staff commenting that they would welcome me back.

Alongside this I am currently working in online retail, in my role, I have to manage stock along with customer service and returns. This has shown me how to manage my time efficiently, and as well as allowed me to manage and problem solve customer queries. This has taught me how to manage challenging situations whilst still maintaining a strong customer focus.  The business is currently performing well with a customer satisfaction rate of 99.2%

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