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London, Greater London

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About me:

I am a third-year student pursuing a BA degree in ancient history at the University of Liverpool. I live in Liverpool during term-time, but reside in South London during the holidays. I wish to enter a career in museums and historical institutes as an archivist as I have a passion for history and it preservation and presentation in education. I am working to provide for myself through university and to gain experience in all sectors of the workforce before I enter the specialised subject of archiving.


From The King's School Canterbury

I have the following IGCSE qualifications:

  • English
  • Double award science
  • Maths
  • Spanish - reading, writing, oral and listening
  • Classical civilisation
  • History
  • Religious Studies

I have the following A-Level qualifications:

  • Classical civilisation
  • English 
  • Geology

I am currently studying for a BA degree in ancient history from the University of Liverpool 2019 - present.


Sept - Jan 2018 - 19 Tiffany & Co. 

                                     London, Sloane Sq.

                                     Seasonal sales assistant.


Sept 2018                   Upstairs Restaurant

                                     London, Brixton

                                     Assistant Chef.


July 2017                    Hilton Hotel

                                     London, Mayfair

                                     Waitressing, housekeeping, front of house                                                   reception.                                     


July 2016                   Accenture


                                     Work experience in the Marketing and Events                                               organising departments.


July 2015                  Chandler Mcleod


                                    Office assistant.


July 2014                  Julia Ross Ltd.


                                    As above.

What kind of projects is Antonia Marsden looking for?

Museum positions, willing to volunteer for any archeological, curating or preservation projects.

Legacy projects or House estates archiving positions.

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