Bruno Olivera Cordeiro

Cullompton, Mid Devon District, Devon

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engineering Freelancer

About me:

Friendly, flexible and responsible, I enjoy working in teams, contributing ideas, encouraging others and developing good relationships. Patient, calm and polite, I’m able to use my initiative as well as follow directions. I’m a quick learner who enjoys a challenge, and I focus on developing new skills with enthusiasm and commitment. 



English          July 2019                 Exeter College               ESOL (Entry Level 3: S&L, R&W)

Maths           July 2019                  Exeter College               UASC (Entry Level 3)

                       July 2020                  Exeter College            BTEC Diploma in Public Services  Level 1

Maths        March 2020                Exeter College            Functional Skills Level 1

English         July 2020                    Exeter College            GCSE Level 1



I have worked in Exeter College Yard Shop voluntarily during the free periods in my timetable.  I took money from the clients, stocked the shelves and cleaned the shop. I enjoyed serving the public and it helped me to improve my English in a work environment.

 I have worked at Amazon as a Warehouse Operative. I scanned products, put them in bags, moved the bags to where I was told to and cleaned the site. That taught me about hard work and made me develop a liking for working in a warehouse type of environment.   

 I have worked in the 2 Sisters Food Group as an Operative. I cut chicken, carried boxes full of it to a treadmill at a fast pace and grabbed the chicken from piles, putting them to be moved to other workers.

 I’m currently holding a zero hours contract at the Royal Mail, working as a Mail and Parcel Sorter. My job involves moving mail and parcels through the warehouse, ensuring that they go to the right destination, unloading boxes to belts at a fast pace so they can be scanned, and sometimes separating one class of parcel from another. The job makes me improve my agility and quick-thinking everyday, since the environment is always busy and everything has to be done within a short amount of time.        


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