Guillaume Schohn

Edinburgh, Edinburgh

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About me:

A mechanical engineer from France, I am looking to find work in the UK to progress professionally, linguistically, and personally. I have professional working proficiency in English and as an international company, I am sure that you are aware of the opportunities that a multi-lingual workforce can present. I am particularly interested in a role relating to mechanical design, something that I have found fulfilling in my previous – and varied – experience in this field. I believe that my strong communication skills and willingness to take on challenging tasks would make me an effective member of your team.


My most recent education is a master's degree in Mechanics and Materials with a Mechatronics specialty awarded by the french school of Polytech Annecy-Chambéry in 2021. It was a 3 years formation preparing us to become Mechanical Engineer by covering all the relevant fields linked, as well as work experience as engineers through internships. Our education included the study of mechanics, materials, mechatronics but also coding with Python and C, strength of materials, simulations with SolidWorks Simulation or ANSYS for example. We also had a strong education about human related skills such as communication, organization and management knowledge.


My most relevant professional experience is a 6 months internship as an Mechanical Design Engineer for the SPR Group. I worked autonomously on a part of an aeronautic project from the design office, from the first drawings of my mechanisms to the drawings of the blueprints of every piece, as well as tolerancing, play and stress test simulations studies. I also had to keep in mind the cost of my design, the ease to manufacture every piece and an easy to maintain assembly. This work was done while respecting the internal specifications of the project, as well as the respect of aeronautics standards with a particular focus on the safety.

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