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About me:

Currently living in Bristol, I am an aspiring producer, project manager and sound designer, passionate about sharing music, creating audio and video games. I am interested in creative, digital media, looking to find a role that can combine my enthusiasm for innovation and my organisational skills. I am a social and friendly person, I enjoy making connections and teaming up with others. 


Having first graduated with a BSc in Natural Sciences at the University of Bath, specialising in chemistry and taking modules in maths and management, I have developed critical thinking, problem-solving and analytical skills. I then moved across disciplines to study in a field that gives me space to explore design and expand my creative abilities, recently graduating with an MSc in Creative Technology at UWE, achieving a distinction.


My undergraduate degree offered an opportunity for a work placement, which I spent working as a Chemistry Technician at Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station. This gave me experience working with statistics, data analysis and the completion of longer-term projects in which I produced reports and presented my results. Overall this placement helped develop a logical and analytical way of thinking, providing me with a keen eye for detail.

I also had an opportunity to work within a creative team producing video games during a short internship at Supermassive Games in Guildford. This internship showed me the importance of collaboration when working on creative projects; working within the audio team involved communication across many other disciplines.

Currently, I am working as a supervisor for Bristol’s largest food distribution charity. This role has developed my organisational skills, having to create schedules, manage time, people and assets. This role has also improved my ability to adapt to challenges and stay flexible to overcome any unexpected problems in a high-pressure environment.

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