Phoebe Bentley

Stoke-on-Trent, Stoke-on-Trent

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engineering Freelancer

About me:

I am a highly motivated hardworking individual, I work well in multiple different environments, including with a team of people or independently when required whilst keeping the same standard of work. As well as being confident, reliable, driven and organised I would consider myself to be a polite, kind and respectful person who is happy to help and support anyone that needs my assistance, and I am always willing to listen and learn.


My most recent for of education was an apprenticeship I completed In business admin. I carried the apprenticeship out at my current work place, along side working at Newcastle college to obtain my qualification Level 2 business BTECH diploma. I also previously studied Law, Psychology and sociology at college. 


I am a qualified commercial assistant in a busy, intense, and fast paced environment. The main responsibilities of my role include communication with customers, providing them with the information that they have requested in a timely manner. It is also my responsibility to contact new and perspective customers to sell them the product that we provide, as well as re-engaging with historical clients that have previously used our business and had a positive experience. I also deal with current customers and suppliers by chasing them for feedback, either on a price and service that we have provided a customer with or to retrieve the information that we require from the supplier, I am able to do this confidently over both the telephone and via email.

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