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engineering Freelancer

About me:

I am passionate and committed to achieving sustainability, whether that be economical, social and/or environmental. I am a qualified Sustainable Design Engineer who strives to use design to produce sustainable solutions. I believe in holistic approaches as well as the importance of working collaboratively in a multidisciplinary team. Good experience in managing sustainability projects with diverse teams, skilled facilitator of design workshops and excellent written and verbal communication skills.  


Master in Sustainable Design Engineering. A design and engineering education that focuses on co-designing sustainable solutions. Focus on problem solving, design thinking and multidisciplinary collaboration. 


Exploring assets and empowering young people through the Circular Economy - in collaboration with the European Union and Det Åbne Gymnasium.

  • Facilitation of design workshops
  • Acquired knowledge through quantitative and qualitative research methods

Research and design of new strategy at Det Lærende Fængsel

  • Experience in developing fund applications
  • Experience within an innovative social enterprise

Reconfiguring Urban Nature Governance - in collaboration with Valby Lokaludvalg and København Kommune

  • Facilitation of co-design workshops
  • Acquired knowledge through qualitative research methods 

Implementation of Circular Economy at South Harbour Recycling Station - in collaboration with København Kommune.

  • Concept development based on sustainability assessments
  • Facilitation of design games with users and relevant stakeholders
  • Development of Circular Economy road-map for implementation






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