Abdulaziz Jalal

Cardiff, Castle, Cardiff

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engineering Freelancer

About me:

I am an MSc Mechanical Engineering graduate from the University of South Wales in 2019. Due to lockdown, I had to pause my career aspirations in order to help my father in his restaurant until it was able to get back on its feet. It was a very difficult period for my father to recruit anyone so I decided to be on his side until things get better. I am now ready to get back into engineering and feel ready and excited to kickstart my career in the industry. 


Having recently obtained an MSc in Mechanical Engineering and already equipped with a BEng in the major course from the University of South Wales, I have refined my strengths in project management, research and development, statistical analysis, instrumentation, and problem resolution. Additionally, having served as CNC Machine Operator and Intern, I am accustomed to the rigors of fast-paced environments requiring sharp attention to detail and outstanding communication skills. Please review my enclosed profile for a summary of the strengths and achievements that I can bring to your organization. Some highlights include…

  • Obtaining extensive training in Advanced Materials & Manufacture, Fatigue & Fracture, Further Finite Analysis, Industrial Heating Process, Mechanics & Control, Non-Destructive Testing, Professional Engineering Management, Research Method for Engineers, Control & Instrumentation, Safety Health & Environmental Engineers, Thermodynamics, Thermofluids, and Design (3D, CFD, FEA) Manufacturing.
  • Possessing high levels of knowledge and experience in mechanical engineering, heat transfer, mechanical, part, and product design, CFD and finite analysis, quality assurance, technical reporting and documentation, computations, data analysis, team collaboration, manufacturing processes, and regulatory compliance.
  • Exhibiting excellent leadership, teamwork, multitasking, attention-to-detail, time management, and presentation, organisational, interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills.
  • Demonstrating value-added skills in numerous methods (welding, NDT, grinding), software (SolidWorks, ANSYS, Autodesk Fusion 360, MATLAB, MS Office Suite), and programming language (G-Code) to successfully execute and complete all tasks assigned.



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