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About me:

I am a highly qualified and productive professional with over 20 year’s diverse experience, having worked in different positions and currently working with Skylon Global Company as a General Manager. I have strong coordination and management skills that drive out inefficiencies through process improvement as well as assist in the maintenance and development of organizational processes. I am skilled in management reporting, organizational process improvement, policy formulation, sales and marketing strategy execution, and daily operations management. I am also a goal-oriented sales professional with a solid track record of high performance in exceeding sales goals by transferring sales management tactics to sales, performing sales cycle analysis, customer contacts reporting, and gross profit planning. I am to bring forth my planning and organizational skills to result in the optimum functioning of the organization and the consistent achievement of organizational management standards. 


Bachelor of Science from the University of Nairobi in Kenya ( BSc - Upper Second Class Honors : 2001


Work Experience
Jan 2015 to DateSkylon Global Company, Nairobi, Kenya

Position: General Manager

Key Achievements:

§  *****


§  Develop business strategy and provide governance to the company’s business.

§  Provide day-to-day leadership, logistics, operational management, and compliance along with the growth of Skylon.

§  Lead and oversee the implementation of the company’s long- and short-term vision by its strategy.

§  Responsible for ensuring international collaboration and relationship management concerning business processes and safety.

§  Mentor and lead development within the business, developing capacity within the management structure of the business.

§  Ensure that expenditures of the company are within the authorized annual budget of the Company.

§  Assess the principal risks of the company and ensure that these risks are being monitored and managed;

§  Provide critical operational oversight into development, implementation, and operations activities.

§  Build a brand name and establish the brand in the market.

§  Resource Business processes and ensuring funds are utilized dynamically and efficiently.

§  Managing both internal and external stakeholders.

§  Advice and reinvent product portfolio as per client preferences.

§  Inspire and influence staff members to do more than required.

§  Inspire and influence clients to purchase more.


Jul 2008 - Dec 2014Metro and  Premium Petroleum Companies  Ltd

Position: Sales Manager

Key Achievements:

§  *****


§  Analytics used for targeting clients and regions.

§  Developed the sales portfolio of petroleum as an FMCG. 

§  Designed new products and new product presentations.

§  Designed new sales and finance strategy.

§  In charge of the entire Petroleum Sales and Trading of Metro and Premium Petroleum Companies Ltd. 

§  Oversaw business across various countries including Comoros, New South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, and Mozambique.

§  Managed the Petroleum Industry Logistics (Supply and Refining, Shipping and Depot Operations). 

§  Worked closely with players in the regional market and globally including financiers to ensure the best returns for the shareholders

§  Managed the marketing activities, performed market analysis, and ensured all logistics are followed for all the affiliate companies in the region

§  Managed petroleum contracts, logistics, and legalities.

§  Liaised with offshore suppliers to ensure the costing and pricing of shipments are favorable for the growth of MPPCL.

§  Introduced blue-chip operational standards into a mid-sized dynamic business, creating a balance of effective control while maintaining the critical entrepreneurial environment, necessary for success in the challenging environment.

§  Trained and Coached staff in sales strategy and petroleum safety

§  Monitored sales in and off the office. 

§  Managed and designed the distribution chain.

§  Monitored and optimized the distribution chain.


Months 2006 - 2007Bakri International Energy Co (K) Ltd, Nairobi, Kenya

Position: Export Marketing Coordinator

Key Achievements:

§  Led the development of Exports from a non-existing income line in Bakri International to the most profitable income line in Bakri International within 1 year. 

§  Led Bakri International from essentially a zero market share in exports business to 5% market share in the export market within 1 year.  This initiative more than doubled Bakri International’s yearly income.


§  Managed and developed a fully-fledged Exports Department in Bakri International.  Set up policies and processes for the export trade of petroleum products in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, South Sudan, Tanzania and Zanzibar.

§  Developed export marketing business plans and drove the marketing of all petroleum products into East African, Great Lakes Region and Southern Sudan. 

§  Used analytics in the market survey to optimize marketing resources.

§  Designed operational processes for exports business ensuring that all processes are in line with the business plans.

§  Collaborated with players in the regional market to ensure solid and long-lasting strategic partnerships.


Other Positions Held

§  Months 2014: Founder of Skylon Global Company

§  Months 2004 - 2005: Export Coordinator at Dalbit Petroleum Ltd

§  Months 2001 - 2004: Professional Service Representative at Lord’s HealthCare Ltd

§  Months 1996 - 2001: Information Technology Instructor at Lantech  Limited



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