Jacob Statter

Jacob Statter

London, Greater London

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About me:

For over 10 years, I have immersed myself in all aspects of creating and performing music. As a musician, I have had the privilege of performing both as a soloist and as part of a band in many different settings and venues over the years. Although I initially gravitated towards performance, since studying Music for media at university, my focus has gradually moved to music production, and sound and audio design. 

Since University, I have further developed these skills and have worked in a freelance capacity as a content creator and music composer. In addition to the creative side of music, many years of playing and performing, has required me to learn and gain great experience in the many technical elements involved in live music and performance events, such as setting up and testing microphones, amplifiers and sound systems. In addition, my freelance work has given me a further and fuller working knowledge of music recording and production software and equipment.


I attained a 1st Class Honours in Music Production Media, from Ravensbourne University London.


Freelance Audio Creative 

Concept, Writing, Performance, Production.


  • Composer/ Producer/ Songwriter / Sound Designer  
  • Multi-instrumentalist; 15 years piano, 10 years guitar, 6 years bass, 6 years percussion, 10 years vocals.
  • Grade 5 Theory certified.
  • Performed my original songs at The IndigoO2 with my band San Agila in 2016.
  • Performed in Rock Bands, Pop bands, Jazz bands, Gospel choirs, Barbershop Quartets.
  • Expert in Logic Pro X. And basic working knowledge of other DAWs ( Cubase / ProTools ).
  • Excellent at utilising production tools such as iZotope RX5 for correcting EQ.  And Melodyne.
  • Proficient in manipulating MIDI, using MIDI tools, and using summing/folder tracks.
  • Skilled in creating Kontakt instruments, strong understanding of synth editing and patch design.
  • Basic knowledge of music implementation in Wwise and Unity systems.
  • Experienced in live recording, mic placement/set-up, vocals, guitar, bass, violin, drums, percussion.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced in writing and performing in a wide variety of musical genres and styles, such as - Organic, Electronic, Orchestral, Industrial, Ambient, Chaotic, Chilled, High Intensity.
  • Proficient in composing unique and memorable music. 
  • Able to understand and execute the Directors vision, be it in Film, Games, Advertising.

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