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My name is Nahide Seray Kahraman and I am 28 years old. I am from Turkey and I am living in Reading, UK. I am a Food Engineer and I have a MSc degree in Biotechnology. My both graduates are from Middle East Technical University Food Engineering Department, Turkey. I have dependent visa of residence and work permit for UK on my husband's visa.


I have completed my Masters of Science Degree in 2019 in the area of biotechnology. My master thesis was ‘Preventing Sluggish or Stuck Fermentations Which May Be Caused By Sugar Uptake Deficiency in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Wine Yeast Strains By Using Glucose Isomerase’. 

I am continuing my PhD in the area of food chemistry. My thesis is ‘Production of Functional Instant Powder Black and Green Tea Enriched with Herbal Mixtures’. 


During my master studies, I conducted analyses mostly with HPLC. Moreover, I worked on the glucose and fructose uptake mechanism of wine yeast cells. To conduct these experiments, the yeast cells were cultivated in small scale reactors to large scale reactors. For my study, wine production was performed in our laboratory so yeast cells were produced in-house.

For my PhD, the studies start with the extraction of the waste of tea leaves. Then, extracted solutions are filtrated and dried by freeze dryer or spray dryer. After mixing with herbal mixtures, the instant powder form is obtained by grinding. During these processes, several physical, chemical and microbiological analyses are conducted.

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