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About me:

I have a profile to make things happen and fast.

I have good ability to create win-win value-added proposals, I am a good problem solver and conflict mediator, I'm a good negotiator, and I have good customer relationship skills.

I am a manager and specialist in new business development, portfolio and project management, contracts, bids, Business proposals, negotiation & sales management, construction management, manufacturing processes, product development, and operations.

I have experience in managing projects from the conceptual stages, through planning, design, engineering, methodology, acquisitions, construction, start-up, performance tests, operations, and closing contracts.

Expertise in commercial operations, value-added propositions, negotiations, contract management, and project coordination through risk control, financial control, due diligence techniques, risk management, and quality requirements.

Expertise in strategies, business development, product & service development, Business plans, Financial plans, Marketing plans, and control their progress and results, and perform operations.

Experience in forecasts, P&L, analysis and control of EBITDA, CAPEX, OPEX, Working Capital, Net Debt, DSO, BDP, and other financial KPIs.


Master's degree, Civil Engineering


Laing O’Rourke  |  Bylor - Bouygues & Laing O’Rourke Joint Venture

  Project Manager


Project management for the delivery of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant.

I coordinate the program, main works contract, costs, planning, communications, procurements, suppliers, staff & workforce, activities, and deliveries with the customer and the functional areas (financial, cost control, designers, engineers, methods, digital engineers, MEH, legal, HR, HSE, suppliers, logistics, manufacturing, construction, operations, quality, acquisitions, administrative, and board committee).

I manage the project to deliver the project and achieve the planning, costs and financial results and operational ratios.



  Project Management Specialist


Planning, strategy and management of Infrastructure Concessions

I supported in the management of highway assets, revenues, OPEX, CAPEX, investments, debts and other financial and operational indicators.

I support the development of the Annual Business Plans, the monthly highway report, and Invepar’s Highway Growth Strategy and an external benchmarking;

I developed an integrated control of highway operations, quality, and financial results, asset’s exploitation, concession contracts, and regulations.



  Head of Sales and Business Development


National general manager of Infrastructure, Energy, Mining and all large projects in Brazil.

I developed the new Infrastructure, Energy and Mining Businesses and increased the company's portfolio to verticalize the company's products and internal businesses, and to increase the financial results.

I was responsible for commercial bids and Business proposals, and lead the negotiation.

I was responsible for Operations, Logistic and Supply Chain of all Infrastructures projects, CAPEX, OPEX, annual P&L, forecasts, and Financial results.

I was responsible for Business Plans, new Market Growth & Developments, Financial & Tax plans, Benefit and Value-Added Plans, Risk assessment, and Strategies.

I was responsible to develop specialized and personalized services & products for costumers, innovative solutions, create value-added proposals, improve our national market share, and create strong partnerships with Infrastructure, Energy and Mining main players.

I supported the technical and official commercial presentations, representing the company with clients, fairs, universities, consultants, and showrooms.

I was responsible for coordinating the company's strategy and the Infrastructure portfolio with all functional support areas (legal, HR, HSE, Mkt, supply-chain, logistics, industrial, administrative, financial, operations, maintenance, quality and board committee).

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