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engineering Freelancer

About me:

I can build a team and/or design all the tech necessary to get actionable insight out of data: be that for a completely fresh start-up, or a company wanting to better their use of data for customer retention, extending revenues, optimising marketing or any other competitive gain


M.A. (Commendation) Degree in Marketing, University of Hertfordshire

B.Sc. (2-1 Hons.) Degree in Geophysical Sciences, University of Leeds


Project Experience:

Business Analysis: requirements gathering, statements of work, cost/benefit, white papers

Reporting and ROI: visualisation, statistical significance (t-tests, z-score, chi-sq)

Time Series Analysis: (S)ARIMA(X) models, stationarity tests, Granger causality, dynamic time warping

Geospatial Analysis: spatial-joins, mapping, projections, grids (point, square, hexagon and interpolated)

Customer Segmentation: usage, value, frequency, geo-demographic, behavioural, attitudinal

Classification Systems: k-means, hierarchical clustering, ImageNet

Propensity & Regression Modelling: linear, logistic, neural net MSE, decision trees/forests

Survival Analysis & Attribution Modelling: Kaplan-Meier, adstock distributions

Campaign Evaluation and Effectiveness: A/B & test vs. control matrices, optimisation engines 

Pen Portraiture: profiling and indexing, use of 3rd Party data (Mosaic, Acorn, Personicx)

Recommendation Engines: single value decomposition – like Netflix prize

Decision Engines: Naïve-Bayes, NBA strategies

Text Mining, Sentiment Analysis and Topic Classification: fuzzy matching, bag-of-words, Latent Dirichlet Allocation


Technical Experience:


numpy | pandas | scikit-learn | statsmodels | matplotlib | geopandas | dask | surprise | keras/tensorflow | nltk


MySQL | MS SQL Server | Oracle | PostgreSQL & PostGIS | Teradata | Netezza | SAS (proc sql, base, stats, graph, ETS) 

NoSQL / Cloud:

Google BigQuery | AWS (Redshift & S3) | Databricks | OpenStreetMap | Hive (Hadoop) 


Tableau | Google Analytics | Microstrategy | QGIS

Deployment & Documentation:

Docker | Apache Airflow | APScheduler | Sphinx

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