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Roberta Villette

Roberta Villette

Fine Art/Education
Lyddington, Rutland


About Roberta Villette:

I am an experienced and Versatile Professional with a Passion for Art and education, dedicated to the creative art world. Over the course of my career, I have gained invaluable experience and expertise in multiple art domains, and I can confidently say that I have encountered a wide array of experiences throughout my journey. My educational foundation includes a degree in Fine Art, with a specialisation in sculpture, along with a Master's in creative technologies. As a mature and experienced Fine Artist, my passion for art has been an integral part of my life. Over the last 8 years, I have actively engaged in gallery exhibitions, allowing me to gain profound insights into both contemporary and classic art forms. My dedication to the art world and the field of Education has been unwavering.

Throughout my artistic journey, I have honed my skills and acquired extensive knowledge to pursue a fulfilling career within the arts industry. Being an artist has always come naturally to me, and I find great joy in expressing my creativity through sculpting.

In the past six years, I have dedicated myself to the realm of education, and it has been a truly rewarding experience. As Teaching Assistant has not only provided me with valuable insights but has also allowed me to inspire and nurture young minds, fostering a love for creativity and expression. My core strengths include outstanding teamwork abilities, keen attention to details, a positive and self-motivated attitude that thrives on embracing new challenges. I am adept at working independently and possess excellent problem-solving skills. My strong organizational and time-management abilities enable me to handle multiple projects concurrently.

Effective communication, both written and verbal, is one of my exceptional interpersonal skills, which ensures seamless collaboration with team members. Additionally, I am a very positive person as known for my reliability, confidentiality, and discretion, making me a trustworthy and dependable partner.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I am passionate about animal welfare and have a wide range of hobbies that include travel, astrophysics, history, psychology, and culture.

It would be an honour to contribute my skills and knowledge to your esteemed team. I have invested significant effort in honing my abilities and believe that my organisational skills, positive energy, and motivational attitude make me a valuable asset. I am enthusiastic about exploring new opportunities and confident in my ability to bring creative ideas and a strong sense of teamwork to any project or endeavours.


 Teaching Assistant & Cover Supervisor in Discovery Schools Academy Trust, at Leighfield Academy September 2022 – July 2023

  • A key responsibility of mine was preparing the classroom for lessons, driven by the goal of supporting the teacher and contributing to the overall success and well-being of the students throughout their educational journey.
  • As a Teaching Assistant, I diligently followed instructions from teachers, providing effective support in the classroom. A crucial aspect of my role was assisting in lesson planning. Working closely with the teacher, I collaborated to develop engaging and interactive lesson materials tailored to the diverse learning needs of the students. 
  • As a cover supervisor teacher, I was responsible for supervising and managing a class of students and delivering pre-set lessons when the regular teacher is absent or unavailable. 
  • Provide valuable support and assistance to the classroom teacher, contributing to the overall learning experience of students.
  • Actively engage with students, offering guidance and help as they navigate through their studies.
  • Assist in planning and preparing lessons, ensuring that all materials are ready and accessible for the class.
  • Facilitate group activities and discussions, fostering a collaborative and interactive learning environment. Be attentive to the individual needs of students, offering one-on-one support to those who require extra attention or assistance in grasping the subject matter.
  • Management behaviour (SEN), support pupils (SEND) effectively with interventions/strategies.
  • Grading assignments and exams, providing positive and constructive feedback to students, helping them understand their strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Assist in organising extracurricular activities or school events, promoting a holistic educational experience for students. 
  • responsible for maintaining a safe and orderly learning environment, ensuring students can focus and thrive in their studies.
  • Maintain records of students’ progress and achievements, keeping the teacher informed of any noteworthy developments. 
  • Commitment to fostering a positive and supportive learning atmosphere in the academic journey of the students. 
  • Be passionate about education and dedicated to helping each student reach their full potential.
  • Listening to children read, timetables group, toe by toe, phonetic and spelling tests. 
  • I consistently adhered to professional practice standards and legislation, ensuring strict compliance with confidentiality, safeguarding, equality, diversity, and inclusion policies. Additionally, I provided dedicated support to students on a one-on-one basis, particularly those with Special Educational Needs (SEN).
  • Health and Safety, be responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of students during the class. Follow the school's safety procedures and take appropriate actions in case of emergencies. 
  • I actively participated in parent-teacher conferences and school events. I communicated with parents and guardians about their child's progress, strengths, and areas for improvement, fostering a strong partnership between the school and the student's families. This ensured that parents were kept informed and involved in their child's education.

Teaching Assistant, LSA & Cover supervisor in Brooke Weston Trust at Oakley Vale Primary School, September 2020 – September 2022

  • Getting the classroom ready for lessons: My aim was to support the teacher and contribute to the overall success and well-being of the students throughout their educational journey.
  • Listening to children read, reading to them, timetables, toe-by-toe, phonetic and spelling tests.
  • Socialise Group: develop social skills and well-being with a group of children (group of 5 students).
  • Art therapy session with pupils (group of 9 students), to help developmental growth, and to support a child's cognitive, emotional, and social development. Encouraging creativity, imagination, and the ability to express oneself freely coping with trauma or stress. 
  • Management behaviour (SEN). I played a crucial role in managing student behaviour and maintaining discipline in the classroom.
  • Helping children who need extra support to complete tasks.
  • Helping teachers to plan learning activities and complete records and as a cover supervisor teacher, I was responsible to deliver a pre-set lesson.
  • I collaborated with the teacher to develop engaging and interactive lesson materials, such as presentations, worksheets, and hands-on activities. I made sure that all the necessary resources were organised and ready for use in the classroom.
  • Supporting teachers in managing class behaviour, I implemented the teacher's established behaviour management strategies and encouraged positive behaviour through praise and rewards.
  • Supervising group activities, cooking class, drama, PE, and other interactions.
  • Support pupils (SEND) effectively with interventions/strategies.
  • Health and Safety, be responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of students during the class. Follow the school's safety procedures and take appropriate actions in case of emergencies. 
  • Beyond the classroom, I collaborated with the teacher and other staff members to participate in parent-teacher conferences and provide progress updates on individual students. I played a vital role in maintaining communication with parents. I often communicated with them about their child’s progress, behaviour, and any areas that needed improvement. This ensured that parents were kept informed and involved in their child’s education.
  • Always strived to be a positive role model for the students, encouraging them to achieve their full potential and fostering a love for learning.

Teaching Assistant & Cover Supervisor Teacher, Mana Education, Oct 2019– July 2020

  • My role was to support the teacher in various aspects of classroom management, instruction, and student development. I worked closely with the teacher to create a positive and conducive learning environment for the students. 
  • As a Cover supervisor teacher, I was responsible to deliver a pre-set lesson when the regular teacher is absent or unavailable. I had to quickly familiarize myself with the lesson plans left by the absent teacher and ensure I could effectively communicate the material to the students. This often required thinking on my feet, as questions and challenges from the students were inevitable.
  • I collaborated with the teacher to develop engaging and interactive lesson materials, such as presentations, worksheets, and hands-on activities. I made sure that all the necessary resources were organized and ready for use in the classroom.
  • Helping the pupils understand instructions and schoolwork using techniques that work for them.
  • Encouraging pupils’ confidence and independence and providing feedback /assistance to the teacher.
  • Using Art Therapy to reach pupils and SEN children.
  • Creating a safe, positive, supportive classroom environment.
  • Promoting good behaviour, dealing promptly with conflict and incidents in line with established policies.
  • Assisting with the supervision of pupils before and after school and at break times.
  • Providing feedback to teachers on pupils’ achievement, progress, and any problems.
  • Upholding policies and procedures related to child protection, health, and confidentiality, reporting all concerns to the appropriate person. Adhere to professional practice standards and legislation, including confidentiality.
  • As a cover supervisor teacher, the principal skill I had to possess was adaptability. Each day presented a new classroom, a different subject, and a varied group of students. Being able to seamlessly transition into any teaching environment and take charge of the class was crucial.
  • Health and Safety, be responsible for safeguarding, equality, diversity, and inclusion policies support students on 1:1, (SEN). 
  • I contributed to creating a positive and inclusive classroom atmosphere. I actively promoted teamwork, encouraged student participation, and celebrated their achievements.

Teaching Assistant & Cover Supervisor Teacher Grade A, April 2019 – Oct 2020

  • I Followed instructions from teachers to support them effectively in the classroom. One of my key responsibilities was assisting in lesson planning. I collaborated closely with the teacher to develop engaging and interactive lesson materials that catered to the diverse learning needs of the students.
  • I Adhered to professional practice standards and legislation, including confidentiality, safeguarding, equality, diversity, and inclusion policies Support students on 1:1, (SEN).
  • During class sessions, I actively participated in classroom discussions and activities. I provided explanations, answered questions, and helped students understand complex concepts.
  • I adjusted my approach on a case-by-case basis to engage students effectively. Whenever a student was struggling, I would offer additional one-on-one support, reviewing the material and providing further clarification.
  •  I would often research and gather relevant resources, such as articles, videos, and interactive activities, to supplement the lessons and make them more effective.
  • Help children with learning and development. 
  • Grading assignments and tests was another crucial aspect of my role. I carefully reviewed students' work, provided constructive feedback, and recorded their progress. Additionally, I maintained detailed records of their performance, which helped the lead teacher to track their individual growth and identify areas where they needed extra attention.
  • Secure understanding of SEN conditions and interventions and strategies.
  • Secure knowledge of child development and developmental delays. Helping children might need support with personal care. 
  • Classroom management: I assisted in maintaining order and discipline during class, ensuring that students stayed on task and followed the established rules. When necessary, I would help address behavioural issues with empathy and understanding, always striving to create a positive and inclusive learning environment.

Art Instructor, Coventry Chinese School Art Club, January 2017 – April 2019

  • Teaching Techniques and Skills:  as an Art instructor I did teach various art techniques, such as drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, digital art, etc.,
  • Introducing to students' different art materials and mediums and helping them develop fundamental skills. 
  • Demonstrate different art techniques, methods, and approaches to help students understand how to create art effectively. 
  • Lesson Planning: design lesson plans and curricula that align with the skill levels and goals of their students. Create structured courses or workshops with progressive learning objectives. 
  • Critiques and Feedback: providing constructive feedbacks are an essential aspect of a review of students' artworks, offering feedback on strengths, areas for improvement, and how to develop their artistic style. 
  • Individualised Instruction: Tailoring my teaching approach to suit each student's learning style and abilities, often providing personalised attention to help students progress at their own pace. 
  • Encouraging Creativity: foster creativity and artistic expression in my students, encouraging them to explore and experiment with various ideas and concepts. 
  • Art History and Theory: incorporate art history lessons and discussions on art theory to deepen students' understanding of the art world and provide context for their own work. 
  • Classroom Management: maintain a positive and organised learning environment, ensuring that students have the necessary materials and resources to carry out their artistic projects. 
  • Setting Goals: work with students to set achievable artistic goals and milestones, providing guidance on how to reach them. 
  • Organising Exhibitions and Shows: organise student exhibitions or shows to showcase their work and build confidence in presenting their creations to a wider audience. 
  • Planning and designing the weekly teaching program.
  • Developing art instruction curriculum.
  • Inspiring and motivating and fostering confidence in all students.
  • Managed challenging schedules: my role required strong organisational and communication skills, as well as the ability to adapt quickly to changing situations.

Assistant Curator, DMU Gallery, October 2017 – July 2019

  • My role was to provide essential support to the lead curator in managing and maintaining the collections within the gallery. I was responsible for a variety of tasks that contributed to the overall organization and preservation of the exhibits.
  • One of my primary responsibilities was assisting in the acquisition of new artworks for the gallery's collection. This involved conducting research, liaising with art dealers, and attending auctions to identify pieces that aligned with the gallery's mission and vision.
  • Planning, arranging, and handling exhibitions.
  • Coordinating events and conferences: I played an integral role in planning and coordinating exhibitions. Collaborating with the lead curator and other team members, I contributed to the selection of artworks or artifacts to be displayed, determined their arrangement within the exhibition space, and ensured that proper labelling and information were available for visitors to learn more about each piece. Contributing to multidisciplinary team meetings.
  • I was involved in their cataloguing and documentation. This meticulous process required attention to detail, as accurate records were crucial for both legal purposes and future reference.
  • Conservation and preservation: I assisted in inspecting and caring for the objects in our collection, taking measures to protect them from deterioration and potential damage. This included climate control, proper handling techniques, and implementing security measures.
  • Education and public engagement:  also, part of my responsibilities. I participated in giving guided tours, workshops, and educational programs, sharing the stories and significance behind the artworks or artifacts with visitors of all ages and backgrounds. Looking after visiting guests and speakers.
  • Researching and writing materials for the exhibition: catalogues and educational materials, contributing to the dissemination of knowledge beyond the physical confines of the gallery. Planning and conducting special research projects.


2019 - 2020                      De Montfort University, Master of Art – Creative Technologies

2016 - 2019                      De Montfort University, Fine Art BA Hons Degree 

2015 - 2016                      New College Stamford Foundation Course Art & Design (Merit) 

1995 - 1999                      University Salgado de Oliveira - Business & Management

1985 - 1992                      E.E. Maria Carneiro Pinto College - GCSE


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