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2 years ago

A brand new Skin!

Lisa Vanderburg · For those beautiful hearts that took the time to read and respond (although response is not necessary, it is appreciated!) to my prior buzz Shedding Skins, I thought it time to offer you an update; a ‘progress report’, if you will. · As life must have meaning, it seems I have spe ...

4 years ago

Do we live as One, Whole and in Truth......

Geoff Hudson-Searle · I was recently asked by Lisa Vanderburg to write a continuation on mindfulness and this subject came to mind, and I decided to publish this blog ahead of my October 16th schedule ‘Do we live a life of One, Whole and in Truth?’ · There is only one person to research depth on the s ...

4 years ago

Re-Making Season!

Lisa Vanderburg · So stirred was I to the extraordinary wisdom of our much respected and beloved Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee - particularly in his recent buzz Breaking off for a Reason; I had made a couple of comments already and had to do stuff for the hubby. I eagerly returned to the bu ...

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