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2 months ago

"Intentional" an interview on the story behind the book

David Amerland · How do we know how to behave? Where does the knowledge we think we possess on this come from? What makes some types of behavior acceptable and some others not in specific contexts? These are questions that are easy to ask and difficult to answer. Like most seemingly simple things ...

3 months ago

Be The Hero Of Your Story

David Amerland · We create a sense of who we are out of the internal story we tell ourselves in order for our brain to make sense of the reality we experience. The difference between a narrative we control and guide and one that's imposed upon us by the world around us lies in the role we're cast ...

11 months ago

How to create an authentic brand story

Petra Smith · People don't necessarily buy the best products and services - they buy products and services that they can understand and like, from brands and people they can relate to. Using stories in business creates a competitive advantage – helps to create an effective marketing communicat ...

1 year ago

How to build your brand with storytelling

Petra Smith · Every business has a story. It’s their story that makes them unique, whether it’s about their people, customer service or their innovative ways of thinking and working. There might be many businesses out there offering similar products and services, but every business story is di ...

1 year ago

How to write and distribute a press release

Petra Smith · Having your name mentioned in relevant media outlets can have a great impact on your business, get you noticed and create a lot of positive buzz around your brand. When your business is small and unknown, it’s unlikely that journalists will be coming to you – instead, you will ha ...

2 years ago

How to create a social media marketing strategy

Petra Smith · You wouldn’t start building a house without a plan and you shouldn’t spend time and money on social media without a strategy. Here are a few of our tips on getting started: · 1. Set your objectives · Look at the bigger picture and set your social media goals to align with your ov ...

2 years ago

5 tips for securing press coverage for your business

Petra Smith · Media coverage is a great way to promote your business to a large volume of readers. Especially with more publications taking the online route this opens up additional opportunities for global reach. Anyone actively involved in PR will tell you that the key to get into those publ ...

2 years ago

How to use storytelling in business

Petra Smith · Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to attract people’s attention - no matter if your audience is a small child, clients or a group of friends in the pub. The latest neuroscience research confirms that irrespective of the way we present the story – words, gestures or p ...

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