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What Stops You From Being Happy?

What Stops You From Being Happy?

We all, in one way or another, are in pursuit of happiness. The fact that so many of us feel unhappy a lot of the time is a reflection of the fact that we don't really know exactly what it is we pursue or why. This is a far from definitive explanation of a really complex issue but it may provide some illumination.

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3 months ago


David Amerland · When things happen that we don’t want to happen, I argue, that they then have to happen. Not because I believe in some predestined reality but because moments such as the war in Ukraine are evidence of system errors. Dive in.  · #intentional #thesnipermind #decisionmaking 

5 months ago

Finding The Meaning In Life

David Amerland · "Not only do we not see an actual meaning of life in its function but we also differentiate between the two crucial states of “life” and “non-life” through an arbitrary and entirely self-serving evaluation which we do not really have an obvious way of validating." Talking about t ...

6 months ago

Take Total Control Of Your Fitness In 2022

David Amerland · Three books that give you a complete, planned, monitored and fueled path to follow in the year ahead. I have placed links for each of them here: https://amzn.to/3FIHk0e https://amzn.to/3EACEYZ https://amzn.to/3EACwst #fitness #Health #selfcare

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11 months ago · 1 min. reading time

Every system is governed by the logic that dictates its own survivalAs you look at the external worl ...

1 year ago · 1 min. reading time

Thoughts lead to actions. Actions have consequences.Our thoughts arise out of a complex mix that's m ...

5 years ago · 2 min. reading time

In his incredibly multi-layered sci-fi novel, Dune, Frank Herbert wrote “Deep in the human unconscio ...

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2 weeks ago

David Amerland

Technology Tricks Us Into Believing False Memories About Real Facts

Our brain gets confused as to where facts come from: inside our head or the outside world. Dive in.  · #technology #neuroscience #brain 

4 years ago

Geoff Hudson-Searle

Happiness explained......

I was having extended thoughts on the subject on the ‘quality of one’s life’ and without using too many metaphor’s, ‘happiness’ is proven to be a major contributing factor to the quality of one’s life. · I have written extensively on the subject of happiness with blogs such as “W ...

4 years ago

Geoff Hudson-Searle

What is Happiness....continued

I wrote a blog called ‘What is Happiness’ – having coffee with friends recently in London, the subject seems to be increasing more and more, with people asking ‘what exactly do I need to do to be happy’? · I have spent 25 years in business developing companies and leadership, but ...

2 years ago

Funmi Ade

Look Up At the Sky Everyday

I’m not sure exactly when or what prompted me to take a conscious, reflective look at the sky. I do remember though that it was one evening, as I was about to draw the curtains that I appreciated the sky for the first time. For me and I hazard a guess, most people, my daily life ...

2 years ago

Funmi Ade

Like Ants Or Looking Down From the Sky

Wasn't sure what to title this one.  On one - hand a sentence from one of Voltaire's short stories Micromégas along the lines men.... like ants upon the earth, when he wrote of giants on an imaginary planet, whom visit earth.  On the other, looking down from the oval window of a ...

2 years ago

Funmi Ade

Smelling My Underams

The COVID19 pandemic will probably go down as one of most transformational periods of the century, even though we are only 20 years into it. · While much as been made of the effects of the pandemic at the national and international levels, the personal human stories have been ...

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