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1 year ago

The 'China' Virus, Trump and Africa

Funmi Ade · Irresponsible · When I · heard Trump call COVID19, · Chinese, followed by Pompeo calling it the Wuhan virus, I was aghast . · This is highly irresponsible and unbecoming of those occupying such high office of State. · When the Danish did the same via a cartoon, I wasn't amused. W ...

2 years ago

UK: "An Egregious Act of Barefaced Theft".

Funmi Ade · I’m referring to this article in the Guardian…can this be true? · Can the British government be attempting to steal the assets of an independent, sovereign nation, to the tune of £9 billion + interest of £1.2million daily and hand said sum to PI &D, an Irish company, with a t ...

4 years ago

Europe's Bold Agenda Enslaving Africa

Funmi Ade · Pictures speak a thousand words. To view enter password 12345 I start this 3rd instalment with pictures of the savage brutality with which colonial Europe exercised dominance in Africa. Sadistic behaviour, which they excuse with bringing civilization to Africa, a lie, they contin ...

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