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Buy Sushi Ebi 256 gram Online at the Best Price, Free UK Delivery - Bradley's Fish



Prawns are a brilliant source of protein as they are 100% complete, meaning they contain important amino acids such as Taurine and Argo. Prawns are a great source of Vitamins B-6, B-12 and Niacin, important for energy production, muscle growth and healthy red blood cells. Prawns contain significant amounts of iron, essential for the body to effectively distribute oxygen.
Use Sushi Ebi in your homemade sushi, tempura dish – a great choice for starters or seafood platters. Amaze you friends and family preparing these premium quality prawns, their subtle sweet taste goes well with fresh flavours such as cucumber, avocado as well as sweet and sour sauce when battered. Best paired with Picpoul de Pinet or Muscadet.
Buy Sushi Ebi 256 gram Online at the Best Price, A selection of fresh, sustainably sourced Sushi Ebi 256 gram delivered directly to your doorstep by the UK’s #1 online fishmonger.

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